L’Oreal Professional Fiberceutic Treatment – A Review

So I tried the new Fiberceutic treatment by L’Oreal Professional. My salon started offering it and since it is recommended for my hair type (dry or damaged), I decided to give it a try.

The treatment is supposed to help strengthen and reinforce damaged, dry or brittle hair by reinforcing the outer layer of your hair follicle. The treatment contains two parts, a serum and a sealer.

The serum is applied after washing the hair while the hair is still wet. The main innovation in the serum is Intra-Cylane ®, a water-activated molecule which spreads out and deposits to areas where the hair is fragile. It seals any gaps and repairs areas which are in the first stages of breakage, by attaching itself to areas of damaged keratin in your hair follicle (keratin is the main protein in your hair’s fibers). This process occurs as water evaporation takes place. Hair feels thicker, and “plumped up” from the inside out due to the ability of the serum to actually repair hair fibers.

The second part of the treatment, the sealer, is applied following the serum. The sealer keeps the follicle smooth, helps the serum to be more effective and allows the smoothness to last longer (up to ten washes). The sealer also helps restore shine and softness to your hair.

As an overall deeply revitalizing treatment, Fiberceutic is best for those with damaged hair. Many call it “Botox for the hair” (due to the hair feeling plumped up and improved). I don’t know if I would go that far in describing it, but I did think it was effective.

My hair is wavy, and is pretty dry most of the time. I color it, so it’s even more dry and damaged than it would be normally. My stylist recommended I try it to help strengthen my hair after each color treatment. Most stylists say that they notice more and more of an improvement with each use, instead of the same results each time. The first treatment or two usually result in slightly stronger hair, but doesn’t produce an overwhelming change. After each subsequent treatment, the results become more and more noticeable and visible which each application. Note that most stylists report that with the first couple of treatments, clients feel their hair is somewhat stronger, but don’t usually think their hair feels much softer than normal. Fiberceutic is not a softening treatment – it is a strengthening treatment. The softness tends to come after quite a few treatments as a result of improved hair strength (aka your hair is literally and structurally healthier at that point not just glossed over for smoothness).

After my first treatment, I didn’t notice much change. After the second and third treatments, I did notice my hair seemed to feel less brittle. I’m a hair twirler by habit (trying to quit!), and I noticed much less breakage after a few Fiberceutic treatments.

Most salons charge $35 or so for the treatment as an add-on to any other hair service (prices at other salons will will range from $15-50 a pop), and it is recommended that you get the treatment monthly. I did feel the Fiberceutic treatment was effective to some degree, but for that price, I decided to pass on continuing the treatments. I opted to put my money towards testing out a couple other treatments I’d been eyeing. A couple of them are said to have much more drastic results and last for months.. namely, the Brazilian Blowout and the Kerafusion keratin treatment. Results and reviews on these will be posted soon!

SUMMARY: All in all, if you don’t want to splurge on one of the expensive keratin treatments, this Fiberceutic treatment by L’Oreal Professional is a great option if you have the appropriate hair type. If you aren’t down with the price for an in-salon treatment, you can also purchase it yourself and do the treatments at home.

L’Oreal Professional will be introducing special shampoos and conditioners as part of the Fiberceutic hair care line in the next month or so.

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