How To Curl Hair Without Heat

Wet hairstyling is one of the easiest ways to create a classic but low maintenance look and can be achieved with or without heat!

Using a few simple tools, some practice and creativity you have everything you need to create waves and/or curls that can dry and form beautiful shapes. The three main classic methods of curling hair without heat are: finger waving, pin curls, and roller curls. In all 3 methods you will need clips, bobby/hair pins, combs and brushes.

(Best for wavy hair without heat)

This is a type of wet hairstyling technique in which the hair is manipulated into an ‘S’ shaped wave pattern using fingers, combs, clips and product. Hair is pinched between fingers and then combed in the opposite direction to create the wave. Waving lotion is then applied to the hair to help it hold it’s shape. The waving lotion is a hair gel that makes the hair hold in place but still workable to the style. It is harmless to he hair and shouldn’t flake when it dries as long as you don’t use too much of it. Finger waving became popular back in the roaring 20s with the days of flappers and Hollywood movie stars. The ‘bob’ was the most popular haircut and this was a way to liven it up as society wanted to mimic the style of the most famous leading ladies. After the hair dries, it can be combed out into beautiful, loose curls. It can be held in place with pins and wrapped in order to set overnight or worn out right after fixing.


(Best for curly hair without heat)

Pin curls are created for a variety of looks that you are probably used to seeing. They create waves, rolls and curves that are seen in some of the most popular red-carpet looks even today. They can be performed on straight, wavy or curly hair and create the most beautiful, lasting, defined curls. The pin curl itself consists of the base (the foundation of the curl), the stem (the section of the curl between the base and first turn of the circle) and the circle (the part of the pin that forms the complete circle). The stem and it’s shape are what determine the movement of the curl that is created. A ‘no-stem’ curl means that the pin curl is placed directly on the base (the scalp) and this tends to produce the tightest, firmest and longest-lasting curl. There is not a lot of movement in this look. The ‘half-stem’ curl is when the pin curl is placed half off the base and allows for good control and movement. A ‘full-stem’ curl has the greatest amount of movement and is used for looser, bold and defined curls. Pin curls can be placed under a dryer to speed up the process but look just as good if they set overnight.

(Best for wavy or curly hair without heat – depends on size of roller)

Roller curls are generally used to have the same effect as pin curls but can achieve that look much faster. Depending on the size of roller, it can be equivalent to 2-4 pin curls. It also helps the curl to last longer because it is wrapped with tension (the hair is wrapped tightly around the roller). The size, shape and width of the roller can manipulate the kind of curl that you end up with. If the hair is wrapped around the roller one time, it will create a ‘C-shaped’ curl. If the hair is wrapped around the roller one and a half times, it will create a wavy look and two and a half turns or more will create actual curls. Velcro or plastic rollers would need to be used if heat is to be avoided. Using a firm but pliable gel or mousse in the hair is recommended before beginning the set.

How To Cut Curly Hair

There are some things they just can’t teach in hair school.

That has been my biggest life lesson when it comes to life in the real world of haircutting. I learned more in my apprenticeship than any book or teach could even hope for and cutting curly hair falls right into that category.

You pretty much have two options:

1. Straighten Up

This option is ideal for someone with short curly hair. Short hair can show inconsistencies more easily than long hair and when it comes to curls – they can definitely hide mistakes. There really is no such thing as a ‘perfect haircut’ but we can always hope to get as close to that as possible. When you straighten curly hair before the cut, it gives a more accurate portrayal of all of the layers and the length. You want to first shampoo and condition the hair as usual and then blow it out as straight as possible. Using a round brush with strong bristles can help this process. You should only have to use the flat iron to touch it up and smooth it out. At this point, you can either choose to dry cut the hair using your sharpest sheers or lightly spritz the ends with water. Once you have established an even base length, you could then use a very sharp razor or thinning sheers for your layers

2. Twist The Curl

This method is not for the ‘Type-A Perfectionist’ at heart. This style requires creativity and trust in your abilities. You need to really be in the process and feel your way through the cut. When the hair has been properly shampooed and conditioned, lightly towel dry and section it. The best way to section the hair for this cut would be in the stand 4 parts (down the middle from forehead to the nape of the neck, and down the middle from ear to ear.) Starting in the back, combine the 2 sections to work with all of the hair behind the ear. You then want to start with a 1 inch section at the nape of the neck and secure everything else out of the way. You then will twist and encourage the curls to act in their natural state. Once the curls are formed – snip away! Really! Think of it as painting a picture – you want to cut in the direction of the curl and then step back, readjust and see how the hair falls. There is really no way to explain it but for those who have long hair – this method isreal perfection. I’ve never seen better layering or happier clients than with this method.

The key to cutting curly hair (or getting your wavy locks trimmed) is to trust in the process. Women with curly hair are normally a special breed of fierce, independent and unique character. With an outgoing personality like that – you need the hair to match! As I said before, curly hair hides ‘mistakes’ and perfection isn’t necessary. So be creative, let loose and have fun!

Three Tips To Grow Long Hair

Attempting to grow long hair is one of those slow, painful processes in life that we all have to go through.

There is no instant gratification involved when it comes to getting our hair to grow. We can’t look in the mirror and notice a difference from day-to-day and that makes the process feel even longer. We can pull at it and shrug our shoulders to shorten the distance for it to lay on our shoulders but none of that will change the actual composition of it.

It’s not a completely hopeless goal though! There are 3 things that you can do in order to make your hair grow longer.

  1. Vitamins – There currently isn’t a magical pill to gain inches of locks but taking a look at your current diet and supplementing the process with vitamins can definitely help. Vitamin B is essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair so consider adding this to your morning routine. It can be found in vegetables like broccoli so make sure you are getting your greens! Also, the hair on your head can represent years of what you have eaten and put into your body – scary isn’t it! The sooner you can add things like walnuts, spinach and salmon into your diet, the sooner you will improve the quality of your hair (and your life!). In addition to diet and Vitamin B, Prenatal vitamins work wonders on your hair and nails. This is a tried-and-true fact that they will stimulate the growth and reproduction of those cells – the closest thing to a magic pill you’re going to get!
  2. Bedtime Brushing – And no, I don’t mean your teeth! I mean, channel your inner-Marsha Brady and brush your hair all of the time. When you’re sitting in traffic or at your desk, run a brush or comb through your hair. The constant stimulation from the brush on your scalp will encourage the regeneration of new cells. This will in turn stimulate the roots to grow. Because our cells and bodies naturally regenerate and heal while we sleep, it’s ideal to get a good, long brushing in right before bed. I can’t guarantee that you will wake up looking like Rapunzel but it is definitely advice worth taking if you want to speed up the process.
  3. Condition – Taking care of your hair is the most important tip when it comes to getting your hair to grow. When hair is damaged, it will continue to split from the bottom all the way up the hair shaft. What starts as a split-end can cause a wholeheadache of frizzy hair. Always use a thermal protectant before blow-drying or flat ironing your hair. It may not look damaged when it’s all smoothed down but as soon as water hits it, the true damage you have done to it will show. Weekly conditioning treatments will help your hair stay healthy and that means there will be less that your hairdresser has to trim! You don’t want to be growing all of this hair just to have it cut-off again right??

Follow these tips and stay positive during the process. If you visualize the long hair that you want, you are one step closer to achieving it!

Care For Your Hair: What Is Keratin?

There are many phrases, words and terms that hairdressers throw around. They tend to forget that the average person doesn’t know the technical names for a lot of products or chemicals that they are putting on hair. One word that is thrown around a lot is ‘keratin’ and normally when it involves caring for the hair.

What Is Keratin?

Simply put, keratin is a collection of proteins that make up the outer layer of skin, hair and nails. It’s also found in animal hooves and even teeth but our focus is how it pertains to the human body. It helps protect against outside elements and can aid in the health and regrowth of cells. When we shed skin, our body is discarding the dead skin cells and making way for the layer underneath.

Keratin is one of the many proteins that make up hair. Weak, frizzy and damaged hair is an indication of a lack of the protein. Too much heat or repeated use of chemicals strip keratin from the hair and in-turn give it an unhealthy, rough appearance. Hair in itself is actually dead – the only live part is the follicle which is what connects the strand to your scalp. Pay attention the next time you hear someone complain about their ‘dead ends’ to a hairdresser – it’s a universal joke to them!

You’ve probably heard of keratin treatments and they do aid in the repair of damage we do to our lovely locks every day. The most common one is ‘The Brazilian Keratin Treatment’. It involves shampooing, applying the keratin protein formula and then blow-drying. After that, a flat-iron is used to seal the cuticle and hair can not be washed for up to 2 days. The overall affect is healthier, stronger hair.

The keratin protein has been isolated within the formula or product and helps smooth down the ‘split’ hair shaft. Heat is an important element to consider when using keratin treatment. The heat helps the keratin to penetrate into the hair shaft and gives hair that silky, soft finish. Many serums that are meant to be put on the hair prior to flat-ironing or curling contain keratin because the strength of it acts as a shield against the high temperature.

In order to strengthen your hair and nails through other means than product, you should include a variety of keratin-containing foods. Carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli are great sources of the protein and once absorbed can be used within your system. Adding more of these foods in addition to using keratin-rich products will help strengthen your ‘outer shell’ and aid in the repair of damaged cells.

So now you can really impress your hairdresser the next time she tells you all the reasons why you should get a keratin hair treatment. (Or, start eating those veggies and save yourself some money!)

Is Olive Good For Hair?

I remember the very first time I heard of someone lathering their hair up with olive oil.

She always did have the shiniest hair but it was definitely borderline grease-factory. We were never sure if it was intentional or not so we weren’t sure exactly how to approach the subject. What if her hair was really just that dirty – kind of like when you ask someone if their pregnant and take the chance that they may have just been eating one too many bon-bons recently. When we finally got up the nerve to ask her what her, er, secret was she confirmed – Olive oil is the Mediterranean moisturizing miracle!

Olive oil is actually a fat that is produced by grinding the whole olives and extracting the oils that are secreted. It is most commonly used for cooking but has been known to make appearances in make-up and soaps as well. In ancient times, it was used to help moisturize as well as heal and rejuvenate skin that had been damaged. Olive oil is full of Vitamin A, D and E which makes it extremely helpful in fighting many skin problems such as acne. It also helps to smooth down the cuticles of the hair to give it the silky look and feel. Extra-Virgin is the highest quality available and that means that there was no additional processing done to it after it had been ground and pressed.

Using it at home is an easy and quick way to make your hair smooth and shiny. The best method is as follows:

  1. Heat the olive oil in a pan over very low heat. Oil is very sensitive to heat and can cause serious burns to not only your hair but your skin as well. It should be warm but not too hot for you to touch
  2. Part dry hair into manageable sections
  3. Using gloves (if desired) spread the oil over each section and use a wide-tooth comb to pull it through the ends
  4. Wrap the hair up out of your way into plastic wrap or a shower cap
  5. For about 60 seconds, use a blow-dryer on very low heat to warm your hair while it’s wrapped in the cap. You can do this every 5 minutes for as long as you’d like to leave the cap on (30 minute recommendation)
  6. When you are ready to rinse, take the plastic off and pour your shampoo directly onto your head. Adding water first will leave you rinsing for the rest of time, never being able to get the oil out
  7. You may need to shampoo a second time
  8. Allow the hair to air-dry or blow-dry and style it as you normally would

If your hair needs a pick-me-up and you don’t want to spend the money on a fancy hot-oil treatment, olive oil is the way to go. Just make sure you thoroughly shampoo and rinse and ONLY use it as a treatment. Turns out the friend I referenced earlier was using it as a styling product – not recommended!

All You Need To Know About Pravana Hair Color

I’m a girl who really likes color. Hair color, to be specific.

At one point or another I have had hair that is every color of the rainbow – ‘Crayola Red’, ‘Platinum Blonde’, ‘Violet’, ‘Pink’ and my favorite – ‘Turquoise’. I have made it my mission to find wild hair colors that will last. I want vibrant, beautiful, crazy colors in my hair and I want it now!

I always used ‘Manic Panic’ but was disappointed every time that it faded away. I only felt like ‘Rainbow Brite’ for a week before it faded to a dull, untoned color. Upon recommendation from a beauty school best friend, I finally tried Pravana Hair Color and will never go back to the cheap stuff!


Pravana hair color was created in 2004 by Steve Goddard. Steve has over 30 years experience in the beauty industry and oh how it shows! His vision for Pravana was to create a line of beauty products that were innovative and used natural ingredients without sacrificing creativity and of course – color! The word ‘Pravana’ comes from a Sanskrit phrase that translates as ‘The Source of All Things’. Steve has successfully held true to the meaning by providing hair color, care and styling products in one main location.


Pravana products are free of parabens, sulfites, and many other ingredients that are often found in day-to-day beauty products. These ingredients are potentially hazardous and harmful to not only the environment, but consumers as well. Pravana also has strong ties to the community and to volunteering. They have donated money to foundations for breast cancer awareness and multiple beauty-related fundraising organizations. ‘Pravana Cares’ is their slogan and it is evident in their philanthropic aspirations.


From shampoo to color treatments,thermal protectant and color – Pravana offers it all. The color that I personally swear by is the ‘ChromaSilk VIVIDS’ line. I mixed 75% ‘Blue’ with 25% ‘Green’ and came up with the prettiest turquoise! It would last up to 2-3 weeks before I would have to re-color it and I received the most compliments on that hair color above any other one I have had.


  • Pravana hair color is very true to the color on the swatch because it lacks the extra fillers.
  • It will always show up more vibrantly on pre-treated hair that has been lifted to a lighter color
  • Always use gloves when applying all colors but this one specifically – it will stain your hands/nails/any uncovered surface
  • After applying the color, rinse in cold water. This helps ‘set’ the color into your hair shaft – warm water will cause it to fade faster
  • Try to avoid excessively washing your hair. All hair color – but especially Pravana – will last longer if there is more time in between shampooing

I highly recommend using Pravana hair color if you’re a girl like me who loves color.

Shampoo for Long Hair

Besides a few times growing up (usually when my mom was in control of my haircuts), I’ve always had long hair. I’ve always just felt that the shape of my face was better complimented this way, rather than sporting a bob, or other short-style. However, having long hair means that there’s a lot more maintenance involved — longer showers, straightening and curling takes forever, and, of course, using more shampoo and conditioner. Until I came to college, I mainly used shampoo that you could buy from the store for a few bucks — basically, whatever was on sale. This all changed after I went to get my hair cut and the person cutting my hair suggested a slightly-higher end shampoo. Yes, she was probably trying to make a sale, but I got the impression that the shampoo might actually help me out.

And since then, I’ve never gone back to the old shampoos I bought. After only a few uses, I could tell that the shampoo was making my hair smoother and shinier and overall healthier. Although it cost about $20 (it was actually on sale that day) for one container of shampoo and one container of conditioner, it lasted me 8 months. Talk about awesome savings. Because I still have long hair, I’m still constantly on the search for the best shampoo for long hair. Here are some results from my search.

Shampoo Long Hair

Because I know everyone has different budgets for shampoo and conditioner, as well as needs for their hair, I will list a few different types that I found, ranging in price range and what they are specifically for. Although I haven’t used all of these, I have done some research and gotten a good idea of how people feel about them. Hopefully this will be helpful in assisting you find the perfect shampoo for your long, luscious locks.

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

Alright, so I said I don’t normally buy the cheaper brands of shampoo and conditioner, but if I do, this would be one at the top of my list. Across the board, it has generally high ratings, typically about 4 out of 5 stars. The average cost is between $3 and $5 for the shampoo (and because you definitely don’t want to forget conditioner, add another few dollars on for that) and I have found it lasts about three-four weeks — though that really depends on how often you shampoo and condition your hair. It can be found at basically any store that sells shampoo, and if you’re lucky, you can even find a coupon every now and then. Here are some of the pros and cons I gathered from different reviews:

–It does a great job of moisturizing hair without leaving it look oily (I hate when that happens! I’ve definitely used shampoo in the past that was supposed to moisturize, but made it look like I didn’t even wash my hair to begin with!)
–Provides protection and healing for split ends; makes ones that exist look less noticeable
–The results are pretty immediate. One girl mentioned that she found that her hair was already smoother after just one use.
–Adds a lot of shine
–Has a great smell

–Isn’t sold in very large bottles
–Some people didn’t like the ingredients that were used
–Runs out quickly

For more information on this shampoo, visit Herbal Essences website for more details.

Redken All Soft

I found this shampoo for between $15 and $20, depending on where you buy it. If you buy it at a store, it will be a little more expensive, but there are plenty of online retailers that have it as well. As I looked at different shampoos, this one consistently has come up as one that is great for long hair. One thing I found was that, across the board, there were very, very few complaints. In fact, several websites have it with 5 out of 5 stars.


–Very gentle on hair
–Adds a nice shine
–Doesn’t weight hair down


–Somewhat expensive and doesn’t last super long

For more information, go to Redken’s website here.

Bedhead Self Absorbed

This one is around the same price as RedKen, coming in between $15 and $25. It didn’t have as good of reviews, but people seemed to like it overall.It comes in a a pump delivery system, which is different than most shampoos I have used in the past, and should be bought with its matching conditioner.


–The smell! People raved about this
–Leaves hair feeling clean and fresh
–Great for color treated hair
–Really revitalizes hair


–The pump delivery system sometimes gets sluggish
–The bottle broke on a few people

One thing I found with these shampoos is that everyone typically raved about their hair just feeling healthier. Healthy hair just looks better. I know I can tell when my hair feels and looks healthier, and it really makes me feel better overall. Any of these shampoos are great options. Do you have a favorite one?

In my research, I found that many people were hoping to find the best shampoo for growing long hair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there is a “quick fix” out there that so many people want, and a lot of it has to do with genetics. I’ve been blessed (sometimes though, I feel, cursed) with hair that grows like a weed and is super thick. However for those of you who aren’t so lucky, here are a few tips that will, in the long run, help grow long, healthy hair.

–Get a scalp massage: Most hair stylists will tell you; regular scalp massages help stimulate hair growth. And let’s be honest, they feel amazing (in fact, I’m getting on tomorrow).
–Moisturize: Having moisture in your hair makes it healthy. Healthy hair means hair that grows faster.
–Don’t brush really wet hair; wait until it has semi-dried, and then use a wide tooth comb
–Avoid using harsh chemicals and heating tools: Yes, this means not using straighteners and curling irons as much. I’m not going to tell you to not use them, because then I’d be a hypocrit, but be careful. Over use of heating tools will cause your hair to become dry and brittle. That means it will be less healthy which basically equals, hair that isn’t going to grow as fast.
–Change your diet: It has been shown that a diet rich in protein, iron and all those B vitamins that are out there will cause your hair to grow longer and be healthier. Some foods that contain these essential nutrients are spinach, strawberries, yogurt, and whole grains. I think those things sound so delicious right now!). There are supplements you can take that has these nutrients in them, but it’s always best to try and get nutrients naturally from the foods you already eat.

There you have it! Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea of what you can to do to have healthy, long hair.

How to Curl Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

Every morning when I wake up, there’s a debate in my mind — what should I do with my hair today? To be honest, the past eight months of my life have consisted of mainly pony tails or a quick run through with a brush. Being pregnant, it takes enough effort just to get out of bed each morning, let alone get up early enough to heat up my curling iron and curl my extremely thick hair. However, I love the way my hair looks after I curl it. So my inner battle rages on — sleep, or beauty?

But then, I thought, there has got to be some middle ground. Why should I have to sacrifice one for the other. Thus bringing my current quest to life: how to get curly hair without a curling iron, yet still get my much-needed beauty rest (because honestly, if I have bags under my eyes, I don’t think anything I do to my hair is going to detract from that).

How to Curl Hair Without a Curling Iron

This first tip goes back to my childhood. Does anyone else remember wearing those super fashionable, pink foam curlers and a hairnet? I remember every Saturday night, after I had taken a bath, my mom would put those in my hair and I’d have to sleep in them. The next morning, right before we left for church, they would come out, leaving me with curly hair. During that time in my life, many people would affectionately call me “curly top”. I hated it. But now that I look back at pictures, it sure did look cute.

Well, it turns out those curlers still exist! While yes, if you are going the route of using curlers, you could use hot curlers, but doesn’t that takes even more time than a curling iron?

Just pop these in, preferably on damp hair, right before you go to bed, and the next morning, you have a lovely set of curls with very little effort. Just use some hairspray and run a round brush through it, and you’re on your way in a matter of minutes.

Not wanting to invest in a set of foam curlers? No problem. There are plenty of other ways to curl your hair without a curling iron.

The Bobby Pin

Once again, this is usually done right before you go to bed and with damp hair. There aren’t a lot of super quick ways on how to curl hair without curling irons, but at least these require minimal effort. This technique has been happening for decades and is timeless. All you need is a pack of bobby pins. So, let’s begin!

1) Take strands of your hair and twist it. Pay attention to the roots of the hair and just keep going until you can’t even tell it’s being twisted. This step is essential in determining the looseness of the curl. If you want loose curls, use thick strands of hair, and for tighter curls, use thinner strands.

2) After you have finished twisting the strand, wrap it into a circle, close to your scalp. Secure in place with a couple of bobby pins.

3) Repeat until all hair has been tightly secured to your head!

4) After a good night’s rest, carefully take the bobby pins out and separate the curls!

Just a few tips. You actually can use this technique at other times beyond right before you go to sleep. Just make sure your hair is slightly damp, do steps 1-3 and then using a cool setting on your hair dryer, gently dry your hair. Believe me when I say use a cool setting; a hot setting might heat those bobby pins to be a little bit hotter than you might like.

Finally, my favorite technique. This idea will teach you how to get wavy hair without a curling iron, but I like that better than super tight curls anyways. I use this at least once a week because it’s so easy! Plus, if my hair is wet right before I’m about to go somewhere, it’s a quick hairdo that doesn’t require me to dry my hair (can you tell I’m big on saving time?)

The Braid Method

This one is so simple! Just gather up several hair ties (I prefer ones that are a little thicker), your brush, and you are good to go! This can be done with either wet or dry hair; you just have to make a few modifications. Without further adieu . . .

1) Whenever I do the braid method, I just do two thick braids. I divide my hair into two equal sections and create the two braids. As with the bobby pin technique, the tighter the braid, the tighter the curls and waves will be. Also, if you make lots of smaller braids, you’ll have more curls as well. So decide what you want your desired outcome to be, and create the braids from there!

2) If your hair is wet when you do the braids, just let it dry! I usually sleep on it so they are ready to go in the morning, but as I mentioned before, sometimes I just put my hair in braids when I don’t want to dry them. A few hours later, my hair is curly and ready to go!

3) Is your hair dry yet you want some curls? No problem! Start out by braiding your hair (obviously).

4) With a flat iron, go over the braids slowly (while they are still in tact) a few times.

5) Undo the braid, and viola! Curls!

Just a few tips for these methods:
–Try and use your fingers to go through the curls. If you use a brush or comb too much, you will likely lose a lot of the curl and body.
–Apply hairspray to curls BEFORE taking them out. They will stay more intact that way.
–Avoid using rubber bands. One word — OUCH!
–Use mousse on the damp hair before you create the braid.

I prefer this over the bobby pin way because it’s quicker and easier to sleep in.

I hope that these little tutorials have given you the tools you need to curl hair without a curling iron. Beauty doesn’t have to require a lot of effort to look great!

KeraFusion Keratin Treatment Review

Keratin treatments are quickly gaining popularity among stylist and clients who want healthy, smooth, shiny hair. There are many different brands of Keratin treatments available. Some are better than others. This review of the Kerafusion keratin treatment discusses the benefits and draw backs on this particular treatment.

Day 1

Expect to be in the chair for anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on how long your hair is. My appointment took about 2 1/2 hours (I have hair to the middle of my back). Prior to going in, you may want to wash your hair to help minimize the number of times your stylist will have to wash it during your appointment. They have to get every last little bit of residue off of each strand to ensure optimal results.

My stylist washed my hair three times. Then she applied the product with a flat brush to one-inch sections of my hair. The process does take some time, but luckily, my stylist was chatty and friendly, so it was actually kind of fun. After the product was applied, she put a plastic cap over my hair and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.

Next, she combed out my hair section by section and blow dried it. To set the product, she then flat ironed small sections of my hair until it was stick straight everywhere. It looked glossy and smooth, but felt like I had lotion or tons of product in my hair.

She explained that i needed to leave the product in my hair for at least 24 hours, and preferably 3 days if I could. She said I could wash it after 24 hours, but would benefit more from the treatment if I waited 2 or 3 days. She said I might go nuts by then, but if I could avoid washing it that long, it would be best. I decided to wait. Keep in mind that once you get the treatment done, you must use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from there on out. If not, the treatment will not last.

Going to sleep that night was no problem. Just don’t put your hair in a pony tail holder or anything overnight.

Day 2

This day was just fine. My hair wasn’t unbearable, and I was able to go places without it looking completely greasy. Keep in mind however, that my hair is more on the dry side. Those with oily hair might want to hide out for a couple of days.

Each morning, I simply ran a straightening iron through it to prevent kinks or bumps from forming. It stayed absolutely stick straight for the first couple of days or so (by the third day it was still straight, but just felt more brittle).

The evening of day 2, I even went out with friends. When I mentioned it to one of them, I realized that my hair didn’t really look much different, even though it felt very different. You can probably expect it to look like you’re on the last day before you typically wash it. Not terrible, but ready for a wash.

Day 3

Ok. Today I was SO ready to get the product out of my hair. It was ok throughout the day, but honestly, I just stayed in this day. I’m lucky because I work from home, so I didn’t have to face anyone with my hair in such a state. At this point, I just felt like my hair was super dirty. I still couldn’t comb through very well. As I mentioned above, by the end of day three, it just felt brittle when I flat ironed it. Definitely ready for a nice wash and a especially conditioner.

Day 4

Hurray! I got to finally wash my hair today. I can’t even tell you how good it felt to have it clean. I used just a bit of my Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. If you’re getting a keratin treatment done, be sure to remember you HAVE to use sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and hair care products after your treatment and from there on out.

Post Treatment

Once my hair was washed and dried, I can’t even tell you how amazing my hair felt. I have never, in my life, had hair that soft, or that smooth. Perhaps the even better part of the whole deal was the fact that when I went to go dry my hair, it would literally take less than half the time. Saving that much time and effort to get even better results is well worth the cost of the treatment in my opinion.

In addition, if I air-dried my hair before, it turned into a partly curly/partly wavy/kinky mess. I could touch it up with a curling iron for some curly waves, but honestly, it just didn’t look that hot. The curls would always be in the wrong places. It always looked better if i blow dried it straight and then did waves with my curling iron. If I air-dry my hair now, it goes smooth, sleek and soft without any styling products, and without any heat. I can do a gorgeous soft wavy look without having to use an iron on my wispies – and with minimal heat styling too. I can even go without styling it at all. If I want to do it straight, it takes just a few passes with my flat iron and it goes sleek and straight in seconds. It is so much more manageable and soft.

On me, the treatment seemed to last for about two months. My stylist told me it often lasts up to 3 or 4, but for me, I think I would prefer to get it done every couple months.


I have been honestly extremely impressed with how effective this treatment is. Well worth the price and the time in my opinion. Unless I find something better, I will get this treatment done every few months for the rest of my life. Does it feel like I have completely new hair? So far, yes. 🙂

L’Oreal Professional Fiberceutic Treatment – A Review

So I tried the new Fiberceutic treatment by L’Oreal Professional. My salon started offering it and since it is recommended for my hair type (dry or damaged), I decided to give it a try.

The treatment is supposed to help strengthen and reinforce damaged, dry or brittle hair by reinforcing the outer layer of your hair follicle. The treatment contains two parts, a serum and a sealer.

The serum is applied after washing the hair while the hair is still wet. The main innovation in the serum is Intra-Cylane ®, a water-activated molecule which spreads out and deposits to areas where the hair is fragile. It seals any gaps and repairs areas which are in the first stages of breakage, by attaching itself to areas of damaged keratin in your hair follicle (keratin is the main protein in your hair’s fibers). This process occurs as water evaporation takes place. Hair feels thicker, and “plumped up” from the inside out due to the ability of the serum to actually repair hair fibers.

The second part of the treatment, the sealer, is applied following the serum. The sealer keeps the follicle smooth, helps the serum to be more effective and allows the smoothness to last longer (up to ten washes). The sealer also helps restore shine and softness to your hair.

As an overall deeply revitalizing treatment, Fiberceutic is best for those with damaged hair. Many call it “Botox for the hair” (due to the hair feeling plumped up and improved). I don’t know if I would go that far in describing it, but I did think it was effective.

My hair is wavy, and is pretty dry most of the time. I color it, so it’s even more dry and damaged than it would be normally. My stylist recommended I try it to help strengthen my hair after each color treatment. Most stylists say that they notice more and more of an improvement with each use, instead of the same results each time. The first treatment or two usually result in slightly stronger hair, but doesn’t produce an overwhelming change. After each subsequent treatment, the results become more and more noticeable and visible which each application. Note that most stylists report that with the first couple of treatments, clients feel their hair is somewhat stronger, but don’t usually think their hair feels much softer than normal. Fiberceutic is not a softening treatment – it is a strengthening treatment. The softness tends to come after quite a few treatments as a result of improved hair strength (aka your hair is literally and structurally healthier at that point not just glossed over for smoothness).

After my first treatment, I didn’t notice much change. After the second and third treatments, I did notice my hair seemed to feel less brittle. I’m a hair twirler by habit (trying to quit!), and I noticed much less breakage after a few Fiberceutic treatments.

Most salons charge $35 or so for the treatment as an add-on to any other hair service (prices at other salons will will range from $15-50 a pop), and it is recommended that you get the treatment monthly. I did feel the Fiberceutic treatment was effective to some degree, but for that price, I decided to pass on continuing the treatments. I opted to put my money towards testing out a couple other treatments I’d been eyeing. A couple of them are said to have much more drastic results and last for months.. namely, the Brazilian Blowout and the Kerafusion keratin treatment. Results and reviews on these will be posted soon!

SUMMARY: All in all, if you don’t want to splurge on one of the expensive keratin treatments, this Fiberceutic treatment by L’Oreal Professional is a great option if you have the appropriate hair type. If you aren’t down with the price for an in-salon treatment, you can also purchase it yourself and do the treatments at home.

L’Oreal Professional will be introducing special shampoos and conditioners as part of the Fiberceutic hair care line in the next month or so.